Would you like to be interviewed on the SMB Community Podcast?

It’s easy. Just follow the 2-step process below.

Note: Our audience consists of IT service providers, managed service providers, cloud service providers, VARS, and other technology companies. If this is your market, please fill out the form. If this is not your market, be sure to note why you would be interesting to our audience. Thank you for understanding.

Vendors/Sponsors: We are happy to interview just about anyone who wants to do business with the SMB (small and medium business) technology community, MSP (managed service provider) community, and small business consultants generally. We prefer that you have something to “push” during the interview – including new products, major announcements, etc.

VARs/IT Professionals: We are also looking for MSPs, VARs, etc. to tell your story. How did you conquer a problem, have success with a client, tackle a big project, etc. We want the great stories that can be heard in the hallways of the major conferences. What makes you successful?

Here’s the 2-Step Process

1) Fill out this form. It gives us the information we need about you AND the promotional links we need to promote you on the blog when we post the podcast.

2) Please propose three dates/times for an interview and we’ll do our best to verify one of them. They Karl will send you specific information for the recording. This is an audio AND video recording. We are also happy to distribute PDF documents with your podcast.

3) No. There is no three. This is a 2-Step process.

Scroll down for FAQs.


Who can request an interview? Pretty much anyone who has something to say to the small business IT community. We need some editorial control, of course, but so far there hasn’t been any abuse.

Can I sell something or promote a product/service? YES! We want you to talk to I.T. Professionals about what makes you new, better, and different. I’ll give you a big hint about how to be successful: Tell the technology consultants listening to the podcast how they can make money if they partner with you.

I represent a vendor: What requirements do you have? None, really. We would LOVE it if you had an offer for the audience. You know, a free trial or 30% off, or something like that. We’d rather not just make the same offer you do on 1,000 other web sites and podcasts.

How often can I be a guest? As often as we want! 🙂 Seriously. We need to rotate through various vendors, partners, experts, etc. So please apply as often as you want. We’ll slot you in when we can. Again, no one has abused this so far, so we don’t have a lot of rules.

How do I know you won’t hijack the conversation and attack me/my company? You don’t. It’s never happened. It’s not what we do. So you just have to trust us. Listen to past podcasts. We treat everyone as a friend who’s trying to make a living by providing value to small I.T. consultants.

Will my interview be edited in any way? Maybe. Sometimes we cut out a portion of the interview. Sometimes we cut the beginning or end for time. But it’s always done to make you and us look good.

If I don’t like the recording that gets posted, what can I do? Nothing.