Killing IT with MDF – Market Development Funds

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This is a great interview with Jennifer Fields of ASTEK Marketing. I have worked with Jennifer for 2+ years now. She’s the real deal.

ASTEK Marketing is based in Kenosha, WI. They have an office there for doing call-downs and follow-ups on the marketing services they provide.

ASTEK specializes in marketing for MSPs: strategic planning, direct marketing, executing call-downs, and more. They have a new office in Kenosha, but it’s populated with people who have been with ASTEK for several years.

We cover a lot of territory in this podcast, but the my favorite part was the discussion of MDF – Marketing Development Funds that are available from many vendors. In addition to simply helping you spend the money, ASTEK actually helps you apply for the funds and makes you they are distributed.

The bottom line is that they provide a very technology-specific marketing. Everyone understands your offer. AND they understand the context of what you do. So if you’re doing VOIP or security, their team understands all those other options. So they can pick up on opportunities that a non-technical marketing team would miss.

Overall, a fun conversation. Check it out and post your questions below.

(Jennifer is also a community leader in the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community.)

Find Jennifer at: www.astekmarketing.com.

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