Vince Tinnirello: Climbing the Mountain to Work-Life Balance

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It’s always great to catch up with my old friend Vince Tinnirello.

Vince Tinnirello

Vince is the Managing Director of Anchor Network Solutions, a Denver-based managed IT service provider, founded in 2002. He is the immediate past Chair of the CompTIA Managed Services Community, and very passionate about the IT Services industry and the service Anchor delivers to its clients. Vince lives in the foothills of Denver, and when not working enjoys skiing, climbing, mountain biking and golf. He recently completed his goal to summit all of Colorado’s 55 mountains above 14,000 feet and to ski in Japan.

After spending many years with Marriott, Vince moved to the IT industry and realized that lots of technicians aren’t very good with the personal side of business. So he went to work training and guiding his employees to support his brand.

Vince tells a great story about climbing all the major mountain peaks in Colorado (some more than once). Of course that leads to a discussion of relaxing your brain and recharging your batteries.

Vince is also a big advocate (and member) of Peer Groups. Even with a three million dollar business, Vince finds value in meeting with other business owners to talk about their challenges and victories. Here he talks about the peer session tracks that he manages for DattoCon.

In general, we have a fun conversation about client engagement, employee management, and peer level relationships.

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