Patch Lady – Susan Bradley

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I had a great chat with Susan Bradley, long-time Microsoft MVP and SMB community builder.

Susan Bradley has been patching since before the Code Red/Nimda days and remembers exactly where she was when SQL slammer hit (i.e. trying to buy something on ebay and wondering why the Internet was so slow). She writes the Patch Watch column for Brian Livingston’s Windows Secrets, and was one of the authors of Windows Server 2008 Security Resource kit, and Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed.

In real life she’s the IT wrangler at her firm, Tamiyasu, Smith, Horn and Braun, where she manages a fleet of Windows Servers, an Exchange Server, desktops, a few Macs, several Windows mobile and iPhones, and tries to keep patches up to date on all of them. In addition, she provides forensic computer investigations for the litigation consulting arm of the firm.

In this interview, Susan gives some grea tips on how to deal with a possible attack, how to figure out what Microsoft is doing, and whether or not you need to install all updates immediately (Spoiler: No).

You can catch up with Susan at:


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