Bob Nitrio: Transforming Mobility into Productivity

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After a 20 year career as a commercial general contractor and 25 years as a small business consultant and IT provider, Bob Nitrio made two major decisions. The first was to move from California to Arizona for family purposes. The second was to move way from managed services and concentrate on his partnership with a software developer who had some amazing ideas for how mobile phones could be used by businesses and organizations.

Bob Nitrio

As a result, Bob now creates marketing resources that explain SmartConnect Apps by LogicTree It Solutions. As Bob say, “This incredible platform literally transforms mobility into productivity.” The mobile apps created with this platform are designed to solve gaps in the way information is acquired and used by both clients and businesses. The evolution of the company’s focus is an interesting story in itself, one with many business lessons.

There are many businesses and organizations that don’t know that they actually have a mobile workforce – their employees who own smartphones! Smartphones have paved the way to change business outcomes by making it easier for people to exchange information. If you can do that without extensive training or investment, you can creatively acquire data, report and manage it , and control workflows and outcomes.

Now there is a way for IT professionals to offer a mobility solution as a service that can be customized for a broad cross-section of clients service without the need for a significant investment of time or money. If you can determine your clients’ pain points, there just might be a way to solve them using the underappreciated smartphone. We can show you how to add mobility to your solution stack quickly and easily.

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