Josh Liberman – 12 Steps to Securing a Network

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I caught up with my good friend Joshua Liberman for this SMB Community Podcast.

Josh is a great community leader and the owner of Net Sciences in Albuquerque, NM.

Joshua Liberman

In this podcast, Josh walks us through the various elements they offer (and bundle) for their clients.

I asked Josh to talk about this because it’s the basis for a presentation I’ve seen him make. Josh has worked on this offering for a long time – and sold a lot of these services over the last several years.

Note, Josh relies on SonicWall and Datto for their key services. Since Josh brought this up, I asked him why brand names and vendors matter to him.

The handout Josh mentions can be downloaded here: How We Secure Your Network.

You can catch up with Josh at www.netsciences.com.

Watch the interview:

Listen to the Interview (mp3)


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