Erick Simpson Launches His Consulting Practice

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Erick Simpson is my long-time friend and fellow coach.

My good friend Erick Simpson, formerly the Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, and CIO of SPC International, is now out doing consulting on his own.

This is his first interview in his new role as an IT Business Transformation and Channel Growth Expert. Erick is an author and consultant, a former MSP, a great coach, and one of the pioneers of the Managed Services business model.

In this interview, Erick talks about how he recommends filtering which prospects should become your clients. I love the discussion of how to determine whether a client has a strategic approach to business. Hint: Ask them.

Along the way, we tell a few stories and Erick throws out some good book recommendations (besides his own).

Erick’s new web site is at http://www.ericksimpson.com – and you can sign up for his newsletter there. I did.

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This interview is about 30 minutes long.

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