Joshua Liberman: Selling Security

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Joshua Liberman is a well known member of the SMB IT Community. In addition to writing for ChannelPro and other magazines, you may recognize him as the guy taking pictures at several shows, including ASCII and SMB Techfest.

Josh owns Net Sciences in Albuquerque, NM. They are an MSP with a strong focus on security. Luckily, Josh also makes presentations to IT Pro conferences. I’ve seen him present in the U.S. and Australia. That’s when I decided I should interview him.

Here Josh talks about the challenges and opportunities for installing, configuring, and upselling firewalls. (Hint: Starting in the mid-range can be a great place to start.)

Josh’s team has a thorough checklist for firewall setups. If you need help, he is willing to assist. Contact him at NetSciences.com.

Best Comment: If you’re in this business, you’re in security, whether you realize it or not.



Web Site: www.netsciences.com


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This interview is 30 minutes.

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