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Manuel Palachuk Launches MSP Pro Academy

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Manuel Palachuk (yes, we’re related) is a business coach, author, and trainer. This week he announced the launch of the MSP Pro Acedemy – a training and certification site for managed service providers and IT Professionals of all sizes. More details at www.mspproacademy.com.

In addition to launching the academy, Manuel has started an Indiegogo campaign to speed up the release of the first course materials. Contributions there will get your great prices on his book, the Academy, and more.

For more about Manuel’s coaching, visit www.ManuelPalachuk.com.


Check out the interview here:

This interview is 30 minutes.


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Links mentioned in this podcast:


Manuel’s Coaching: ManuelPalachuk.com

MSP Pro Academy: MSPProAcademy.com

MSP Pro Academy Indiegogo campaign: https://igg.me/at/mspproacademy

Coaching Offerings: https://www.manuelpalachuk.com/start-here/program-fees



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