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Sell Your MSP – Amy Babinchak Says It Really Does Have Value!

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We’re kicking off a whole new podcast series here at SMB Community Podcast. So subscribe today so you don’t miss a thing.

We’re going to be doing a series of “video call” podcasts of about 30 minutes each. These will be recorded as both a Video and as an Audio download. So you can decide whether you want to watch or just listen.

To kick off the new series, I talked with Amy Babinchak from Third Tier and Sell My MSP. Amy is very well known in the SMB IT community. Recently, she’s noticed that there are a lot more buyers looking for MSPs than there are sellers listed to sell their business.

One reason for this, she believes, is that there’s a myth in the community that a small MSP has no value. I’m not sure where that myth originated, but it’s one of the things people keep telling each other over and over again.

Amy has a very different perspective: If you’ve been making money in your business for 10-20 years, it has value and it can be sold. You just need to find the people who are looking to buy. A lot of buyers want to be anonymous, though, so their competition doesn’t find out that they’re in expansion mode.

That’s where Sell My MSP comes in. It’s like a dating service for your business . . . except you can’t use a ten year old picture. The site includes a tool you can use to get some idea of what your business is worth.

Get all the details – and more – in the interview:




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