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Datto Wins Best in Show at GFI

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Datto best in show

I had a good visit with Rob T. Rae from Datto at the GFI Max 2014 conference this week. Later in the day, Datto was awarded both Best in Show and Best Exhibitor Interaction awards.

Datto is a backup and disaster recovery company with about 400 employees worldwide. They’re big in Canada, Europe, as well as the U.S.


One big point for Rob was that they’re focusing on a lot more than continuity. How does the MSP make money without talking disasters? Most restores are from people – not natural disasters. So they talk about robust and speedy recovery from human mistakes.

Datto is strictly a hybrid solution – both onsite and in the cloud. The local device is as important as the cloud. The local is a quick, easy way to restore. The cloud provides additional continuity security when there is a local disaster.

How is cloud storage affected by the U.S. Patriot Act, as well as laws in other countries? More importantly, can you get documentation of the chain of custody for your data?

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Datto Rob Rae
Rob T. Rae


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