Five Magic Tricks to Make Your Numbers Jump Up and Speak to You

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Stacey Powell: Take Your Finances to the Gym!



Stacey Powell owns two businesses to help companies be more successful by managing their finances more effectively. At Creating Answers (http://www.creatinganswers.com/), Stacey works with business owners to stop once a month and take a closer look at their numbers.



Meanwhile, over at The Finance Gym (http://thefinancegym.com/), she works with small groups of business owners in a sort of master mind format. The Finance Gym bootcamps are a great way for small businesses to get feedback in real time from other small business owners. Stacey tells us how these groups help business owners feel more comfortable with their numbers and become more profitable.


Stacey will be one of the featured speakers on the SMB Online Conference next week. Her topic there is Five Magic Tricks to Make Your Numbers Jump Up and Speak to You. Her presentation is on Wednesday, June 26th.


Tune us in!


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The theme of this year’s SMB Online Conference is IT Business Reboot – We’ll cover a variety of topics related to re-building your business as if you were starting over today.

Here are the topics for Day Two: June 26, 2013

9:00 AM PST – Karl’s Keynote (Karl W. Palachuk)

10:00 AM Richard Tubb – Effective Business Networking: How to Network Online and Offline

11:00 AM Stacey Powell – Five Magic Tricks to Make Your Numbers Jump Up and Speak to You

1:00 PM Mark Moreno –  Serving Larger Clients – The Mid-Market: An Opportunity You Do Not Want to Miss

2:00 PM Josh Peterson – Stop Hiring Your First Sales Person Over and Over Again

(all times are Pacific)


For more information on the conference, visit www.SMBOnlineConference.com.

ListenNowGuy – Download the Interview with Stacey Powell here.


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