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Autotask Live Report: Developing Multiple Streams of Income – Unrelated to Running an MSP

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Ken Edwards: Adding Streams of Income … and More


ListenNowGuy My friend Ken Edwards is a busy member of the community, an SMB 150 award winner, and an Autotask user. Ken owns Maverick Mesa Computers in Glendale, AZ.

He also owns a few other small businesses unrelated to I.T. service delivery. Here he gives us some ideas about how to set up “automated” businesses that sell products without him having to deliver services or manage the sales of a product. His big key to success is finding little niche products that fill an existing need.


Ken is also a speaker at the SMB Online Conference next week. His topic is: Topic: Where Facebook Meets Business.

Ken Edwards has been servicing the computer networking needs for small businesses for over 25 years. Beginning as an aviation tech in the Marine Corp, he progressed through servicing restaurant systems to handling the computer needs of general small business. He really cut his teeth in networking in the mid-90s as a Novell CNE, and then became a Microsoft Networking expert. Recently holding the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation, he continues to serve small businesses as head of Maverick Mesa Computer Specialties Inc, an Arizona local IT firm.
On behalf of his own business, he recognized the need to develop an internet marketing expertise. Currently, he advises other businesses on using the internet as a promotion vehicle, handing out knowledge gathered during his intense 3 years of internet marketing experimentation.

Web: http://mavmesa.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/ken-edwards/4/516/5a9/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Maverick-Mesa/110323722456207


View the Press Release about Ken’s Appearance at the SMB Online Conference.




The theme of this year’s SMB Online Conference is IT Business Reboot – We’ll cover a variety of topics related to re-building your business as if you were starting over today.

Here are the topics for Day Three: June 27, 2013

9:00 AM PST Karl’s Keynote (Karl W. Palachuk)

10:00 AM  Brian Sharp – How to Take Back and Turn Around Your Small Business

11:00 AM John Armato – Think Inside The Box

1:00 PM Rayanne Buchianico – Understand Your Financials – Use Data to Make Decisions

2:00 PM Ken Edwards – Where Facebook Meets Business – Strategies to Market to the Business Audience Existing in Facebook

(all times are Pacific)


For more information on the conference, visit www.SMBOnlineConference.com.

ListenNowGuy – Download the Interview with Ken Edwards here.


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