LogicMonitor Provides Pure SaaS-Based Infrastructure Monitoring

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Kevin McGibben – CEO of LogicMonitor – met up with me at the ConnectWise IT Nation conference in Orlando Friday.

LogicMonitor is a “pure SaaS based IT infrastructure monitoring service.” We talked about what that means and why it is NOT an RMM tool. LogicMonitor discovers and analyzes everything at the hardware level and up through virtual environments and hosted services.

As a SaaS model, there is no on-premise tool. And because they deploy to any location at once, you can monitor everything from database performance in hosted environments all the way down to hardware at your colo facility.

The price is also very good . . . and very much in line with standard Managed Services pricing. Everything can be based on pure usage for you while you parcel out monitoring across all your clients. There is one master portal that you can customize.

Kevin McGibben
Kevin McGibben of LogicMonitor

In case you want to take a closer look and see if this is something you can integrate into your managed service business, LogicMonitor is happy to extend a trial to partners.

To get a better idea of the price point, please listen to the podcast:

Download the Interview with Kevin McGibben from Logic Monitor here.

For more information on Logic Monitor, visit LogicMonitor.com.

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