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ConnectWise-LabTech-Quosal Triple Play – An Interview with Erinn Davis

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Interview with Erinn Davis, Community Manager for ConnectWise, Labtech, and Quosal

Erinn Davis is one of the hardest working people I ran into at IT Nation. We grabbed an empty boardroom to talk about these three products and her role connecting with the community. The “Community Team” currently has 12 people. They manage all partner-facing activities at ConnectWise, Labtech, and Quosal.
Erinn Davis and Karl PalachukThese activities include facilitating user groups and working with social media. One person on this team is Holly Soule. I mention the Pinterest pages she manages. You can see a taste of this at http://pinterest.com/connectwise/look-learn/.

When we took the picture, the first shot didn’t capture Erinn’s hot shoes, so we had to redo this.

Download the Interview with Erinn Davis from ConnectWise, Labtech, and Quosal here.
For more information on LabTech, visit www.labtechsoftware.com.

For more information on Quosal, visit www.quosal.com.
For more information on IT Nation, visit www.TheITNation.com.

For more information on ConnectWise, visit www.ConnectWise.com.

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