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Axcient Offers 100% Channel Focused Backup and BDR Solution

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One of my old friends Steve Noel talked to me about his role at Axcient and what the company’s up to these days. Steve is a Techno Sales Engineer at Axcient.

Steve Noel
Steve Noel

Axcient is a 100% Channel focused backup and BDR solution. Steven doesn’t describe their solution as “BDR” but he says, “We eliminate downtime.” Whether your systems are physical, virtual, or some combination of things, Axcient can back up your stuff.

Steve gives us a few notes on the new people who working at Axcient development. He promises that they have a lot of new developments in the funnel. Axcient is on a 6-week development cycle, so he expects some big changes very soon. Because the appliances are in constant communication with Axcient, they can increase functionality and update systems remotely and automatically. And of course quality assurance is very important in this process.

Steve also gave us some information on their integration strategies for LabTech, ConnectWise, and other products. In addition, they have a strong relationship with the HTG groups who were present at IT Nation.

Download the Interview with Steve Noel from Axcient here.

For more information on Axcient, visit http://www.axcient.com.

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For more information on IT Nation, visit TheITNation.com.

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