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This article was originally posted March 3, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.
Member Podcasts from MVP Nation – Part 1

I ran into Arnie Mondloch and Dave Sobel in Redmond this week. I was there for the MVP Nation show. Arnie’s in charge of Windows Evangelization program worldwide and has some great information on how partners can get involved in the development of Apps, Apps, Apps for the new Windows 8 and Windows 8 Metro platform.

The official title of his group is the Worldwide Platform Evangelism Group. Two products Arnie mentions in this interview are:

– Microsoft Platform Ready –http://www.microsoftplatformready.com

Microsoft Action Pack for Development & Design – https://partner.microsoft.com/US/40171463

Note: Arnie is also a Gonzaga University grad! Go Bulldogs!

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Interview with Arnie Mondloch March 2, 2012



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Dave Sobel is the new Partner interface for Level Platforms. He has some very cool things going on, including an offer to engage with the existing SMB and SBS user groups all over the world. I caught up with Dave in the hallway and he brought me up to speed on what Level Platforms is doing on the partner and user group front.

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Interview with Dave Sobel March 2, 2012



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