This article was originally posted June 15, 2012 on Cloud Services Roundtable.

Mark Moreno Gives a Mid-Market Perspective on some SMB Events


One of my favorite people in the SMB/MSP space is Mark Moreno from C & M Support Services. I think I first met Mark at the IT Pro Conference in New Orleans five years ago. But I also see him at SMB Nation and several other events. In the last ten days I ran into Mark at two separate conferences: the 2012 IT Pro Conference and Autotask Community Live.


Both Mark and I flew straight from New Orleans (the IT Pro Conference – see this blog post) to Orlando. So no time off for good behavior. Um . . . I guess that’s appropriate. Anyway, we had a great time learning about challenges and opportunities in consulting today. It’s actually pretty nice to jump in with both feet and totally immerse yourself in the business side of your business for a week or so.

Mark is known as “Christ’s IT Guy.” He specializes in helping large churches with their technology needs. He often works more in the mid-market rather than the SMB space. But he also does a lot of Small Business Server installations because there are plenty of businesses that have a lot of employees but only 10-50 actual computer users. Of course Mark is an Autotask user.

Mark talks to us about the Third Tier “Brain Explosion” preday event for the IT Pro Conference; the 2012 IT Pro Conference; and the Autotask conference. You can tell that Mark is really working hard to integrate all this knowledge into his business.

Download the Interview with Mark Moreno (Time 5:18)