1 Life Fully Lived – Tim Rhode Interview

Tim Rhode is the founder of 1 Life Fully Lived – a great organization that has a great conference coming up June 3-4 in Philadelphia, PA.

As his bio on the site says, Tim comes from a very humble background, growing up in a blue collar family in a blue collar town.  He tells a bit of his story here, including the fact that he found himself painting letters on curbs at age 25 to provide for his young children. From there he went on to learn real estate and to become very successful by any standards.

With 1Life, Tim is working to give something back. The 1Life conferences certainly do that – while building a community.

I am presenting at this conference. It will be the third conference I’ve attended and spoken at. Please join me. I would love to have you show up there.


As Tim mentioned, the 1Life conference is analogous to Michael Gerber’s message. Gerber teaches that you should spend some time working ON your business and not just working IN your business. 1Life shows you how to spend time working ON your life, not just working IN your life.


(Note: This was recorded while I was traveling, so the audio has a couple of glitches. But it’s not bad.)


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This interview is 30 minutes.

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